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October 17

01_Maurizio Falanga-General Introductionand Introduction to the School.pdf

02_Roger M Bonnet - Space Science a Tool for International Cooperation.pdf

03_Claude Nicollier-Step in Space.pdf

October 18

01_Roger M Bonnet-ESAs Past, Present and Future Space Science Program.pdf

02_Fujimoto Masaki-JAXAs Past, Present, and Future Space Science Program.pdf

03_Natan Eismont-History of Cosmonautics in Russia.pdf

04_Liu Jann Yenq-Taiwan’s Past, Present, and Future Space Science Program.pdf

05_Wu Ji-Strategic Priority Program of CAS on Space Science.pdf

06_Wu Ji-APSCO States Past, Present and Future Space Science Program.pdf

October 19

01_Ikkoh Funaki-Designing a Sample Return Mission to an Asteroid.pdf

02_Toshiyoshi Kimura-From Science to Mission Design.pdf

03_Ueno Munetaka-From Science Cases to a Mission (ISAS Case).pdf

04_Shi Jiankui - From Science To Double Star Program (DSP) (Part 1).pdf

04_Shi Jiankui - From Science To Double Star Program (DSP) (Part 2).pdf

05_Student_Varvara Andreeva-Modeling the Space Magnetosphere from Spacecraft Data using Radial Basis Functions.pdf

06_Student_Muhammad Riwan Mughal-Design Intregration and Testing of Small Satellites.pdf

October 20

01_Natan Eismont-Orbits Design for Space Mission.pdf

02_Uneo Munetaka-Venus Climate Orbiter Akasuki Story.pdf

03_Roland Walter-Data Centre, Infrastructure and Science.pdf

04_Student_Shashanka Gurumath-Exoplanets Distinct Worlds from Solar System.pdf

05_Student_Sergey Shuvalov-Development of a physical Mock-up of the electron Sppectrometer for studying fine Aurora Structures.pdf

October 21

01_Zhou Yuanying-Long Mars Lunch Vehicles Technology.pdf

02_Peter Kretschmar-Ground Segment (Science and Mission Operations).pdf

03_Peter Kretschmar_Scientific Management (Data Rights and Policy).pdf

04_Chao Chi Kuang-Project management Planning and Mission Cost & Risk Management.pdf

05_Student_Niu Shu-Ultraviolet Emission Mapping of the Intergalactic Medium and Nearby Galaxies.pdf

06_Student_Wang Xinwei-Multiple Agile Earth Observation Satellites Scheduling Algorithm on Area Targets.pdf

October 22

02_Claude Nicollier-Hubble 26 Years of Utilization and on Orbit Servicing.pdf

October 24

01_Claude Nicolliier-Space Mission Design and Operations.pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 01-01-Satellite System Engineering.pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 01-02-Satellite System Engineering(Requirements).pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 01-03-Satellite System Engineering(Mission Timeline and System Modes).pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 01-04-Satellite System Engineering(Budget and Margin).pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 01-05-Satellite System Engineering(Optionand Trade Offs).pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 02-01-Satellite Subsystems(Attitude and Orbit Control System-AOCS).pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 02-02-Satellite Subsystems(Power System Design).pdf

02_Wu Shufan - 02-03-Satellite Subsystems(Communication).pdf

03_Chao Chi Kuang-Payload Design (An Example of AIP).pdf

04_Student_Chia Jiun Wei-Attitude Determination System of Small Satellite.pdf

05_Student_Bin Yuan-Modeling Optimization and Realization of Spacecraft System Design Process based on DSM.pdf

October 25

01_Wu Shufan - 03-01-CubeSat_Introduction.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-00-CubeSat_Design&Implementation.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-01 TW-1 for Spacecraft Networking Experiments.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-02 IAC-2015-B443-Presentation-Final.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-03 SSC16-III-09-The STU-2 CubeSat Mission & In-Orbit Test Resuls.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-04 SSC-CubeSat-ADCS.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-05 IAC-16,C3,4,2,x32822-EPS-PPT.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-06 IAC-16 D1.7.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-07 IAC_2016_B4.4.pdf

01_Wu Shufan - 04-08 IAC-16,B5,2,9,x35059-ADS-B.pdf

02_Loren Chang-INSPIRE Micro-satellite Design and Integration.pdf

03_Student_Madhu Sudan Dahal-Significance of Satellite Communication.pdf

04_Student_Renhe Shi-Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for an All-electric GEO Satellite.pdf

05_Student_Sergey Simakov-Determination of Relative Position and Orientation of Nanosatellites.pdf

06_Student_Amrita Khakurel-Design of Ka-Band Satellite Network for Nepal.pdf

October 26

SSS Summary Presentation.pdf



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