Structure and Staff

Organization Structure



The Board of Trustees supervises the work accomplished at the Institute, exerts financial control and appoints the Directors. It consists of representatives of the Founder and of the funding agencies. The Board of Trustees is presided over by Wu Ji.

The Science Committee is shared with ISSI and is made up of internationally known scientists active in the field covered by ISSI-BJ and ISSI. Chaired by Louise Harra, the Science Committee advises and supports the Directorate in the establishment of the scientific agenda providing a proper equilibrium among the activities and reviews and grades the International Team proposals in response to the annual call. Science Committee members serve a three year term with a possible extension of one year.

The Directorate is in charge of the scientific, operational and administrative management of the Institute. It interacts with the Funding Agencies, the Board of Trustees and the Science Committee. The Directorate consists of Wing-Huen Ip (Executive Director) and Dong Xiaolong (Administrative Director).


Management and Administration

ISSI-BJ Former Executive Directors

Prof. Maurizio Falanga, February 2018-December 2019

Prof. Michel Blanc, October 2016-January 2018

Prof. Maurizio Falanga, September 2013-September 2016

ISSI-BJ Former Staff Members

Laura Baldis, 2019-2021

Anna Yang, 2016-2019
Sabrina Brezger, 2014-2015
Ariane Dubost Bonnet, 2012-2014

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