Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees oversees the work accomplished at the Institute, exerts financial control and appoints the Directors. The members of the Board are representatives of the funding institutions.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • Prof. Wu Ji, National Space Science Center, CAS, China 


Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Prof. Georges Meylan, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Mr. Karl Bergquist, Administrator for the International Relations Department, European Space Agency
  • Prof. Roger Bonnet, International Scientist, France
  • Prof. Alvaro Gimenez, International Scientist, Spain
  • Prof. Wang Chi, Director-General, National Space Science Center, CAS, China
  • Prof. Yu Qi, Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization
  • Prof. Zhang Shuangnan, Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, China
  • Prof. Wang Zhenyu, Deputy Director-General, Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, China
  • Ms. Li Xiaoyu, Secretary, National Space Science Center, CAS, China


ISSI-BJ Current Directors

  • Prof. Wing-Huen Ip, Executive Director of ISSI-BJ
  • Prof. Dong Xiaolong, Administrative Director of ISSI-BJ
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