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ISSI–BJ Facilities
ISSI–BJ offices are situated on the fourth floor of the National Space Science Center, ChineseAcademy of Sciences. Two offices are for the staff; the third room (A0419)can be used as a visiting scientists' office. We also offer two Halls for meetings. The first is the Saturn Hall (room A0418), dedicated to  smaller meetings such as International Teams, or groups of  up to 20/25 persons. It is situated right in front of the coffee room, where food and beverages are available at any time of the day. ISSI–BJ can also provide the Earth Hall (room A0423), for larger meetings such as Forums or Workshops.
            Saturn Hall                                           Earth Hall
Coffee and snacks are available at any time (ISSI-BJ office space).
Lunch (11:30–13:00): Dining hall on floor B1, or in the building opposite.
Dinner (17:15–18:30): In the building opposite.

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