Space Sciences Series of ISSI

The Space Sciences Series of ISSI (SSSI) books are coherent reports of the findings, discussions, and ideas that result from Workshops regularly held at ISSI Bern and ISSI-BJ.


  Volume 56: From Disks to Planets: The Making of Planets and Their Early Atmospheres
(book jointly published by ISSI and ISSI Beijing)  
M. Blanc, G.J. Herczeg, H. Lammer, V. Sterken, W. Benz, S. Udry, R. Rodrigo, M. Falanga (Eds.) 
ISBN 978-94-024-1517-9, published in 2018 
Reprinted from Space Science Reviews, Volume 205, 1-4, 2016
ISSI/ISSI-BJ Joint Workshop held in August 2014

Volume 61: Gamma-Ray Bursts — A Tool to Explore the Young Universe 
D. Goetz, M. Falanga, Z. Dai, E. Floc'h, N. Tanvir, B. Zhang (Eds.) 
ISBN 978-94-024-1278-9, published in 2018
Reprinted from Space Science Reviews, Volume 202, 1-4, 2016
Workshop held in April 2015

Volume 66: Astronomical Distance Determination in the Space Age 
R. de Grijs, M. Falanga (Eds.) 
ISBN 978-94-024-1630-5, published in 2019
Spin-off from Space Science Reviews in the Topical Collection
Workshop held in May 2016



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