Space Sciences Series of ISSI

The Space Sciences Series of ISSI (SSSI) books are coherent reports of the findings, discussions, and ideas that result from Workshops regularly held at ISSI Bern and ISSI-BJ.


(book jointly published by ISSI and ISSI Beijing)  
M. Blanc, G.J. Herczeg, H. Lammer, V. Sterken, W. Benz, S. Udry, R. Rodrigo, M. Falanga (Eds.) 
ISBN 978-94-024-1517-9, published in 2018 

D. Goetz, M. Falanga, Z. Dai, E. Floc'h, N. Tanvir, B. Zhang (Eds.) 
ISBN 978-94-024-1278-9, published in 2018
R. de Grijs, M. Falanga (Eds.) 
ISBN 978-94-024-1630-5, published in 2019
V.M. Nakariakov, D. Banerjee, B. Li, T. Wang, I. Zimovets, M. Falanga (Eds.)
ISISBN 978-94-024-2195-8, published in 2022, 2023

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