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International Space Science Institute - Beijing

No.1 Nanertiao, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China 

Postcode: 100190 

Telephone: +86-10-62582811 


Wechat: ISSIBJ 


The International Space Science Institute in Beijing (ISSI-BJ) is located in the campus of the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSSC, CAS).
Address: Building A, No. 1 Nanertiao, Zhongguancun, Haidian district, 100190 Beijing, China
Tel: +86 10 6258 2811

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ISSI-BJ is located in the campus of the National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSSC, CAS).

There are two ways to find us:

By Taxi

  • You can get a taxi right outside the arrival terminals. It is about 30km from the airport to ISSI BJ or NSSC. The fare is about 100RMB. Click here>> to download the instructions for the taxi driver.

By Public Transportation 

  • Metro

The nearest subway station is Zhichun Road. It can be reached by using line 10 and 13. For further information about the Beijing subway and a complete map click here>>

The way to NSSC is indicated in blue on the map. Exit from A (North exit). Then, walk straight on the side road of Zhichun Road. Turn right on West Wudaokou and walk for about 10 minutes, finding NSSC on the left. The center is easy to find thanks to the nearby National Microgravity Laboratory tower.

  • Bus

The nearest bus stop is Baofusi Nan and can be accessed by lines 79, 86, 319, 466, 630, 641, 660 and 109.

The way to NSSC is indicated in red on the map above.

  • Airport Shuttle

Shuttle Bus Line 5 connects Zhongguancun. The nearest stop is Asian Games Village (Anhui Bridge) 


Park Plaza Beijing Science Park Hotel is located at No.25 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing (phone: +86 10-8235-6699).

You can get to the hotel by:


  • Please print out this address in Chinese and give it to your taxi driver:

    北京市海淀区知春路25 号
    电话号 +86 10-8235-6699

  • The trip should cost between 100-130 RMB and take 35-45 minutes with no traffic, but in extreme cases may take much longer

  • Signs to get to the taxi line are easy to follow, and usually the taxi line goes faster than you think (usually a 5-15 minutes wait). Some people may propose you the taxi outside of this line. They are not official taxis, they will charge 300-700 RMB and you will not receive a receipt.


  • If you arrive during rush hours and have little luggage, you may consider the subway. Follow the airport directions to the Airport Express, which is part of the Beijing subway system.

  • There's one change at SANYUANQIAO station, then go west on line 10 to ZHICHUNLU subway station.

  • Total travel time is roughly 45 minutes and costs 29 RMB (25 RMB for the airport line, 4 RMB for the rest of the network).

  • Note: There is similarly named stop right after Zhichunlu, which is Zhihchunli. Please do not confuse them - make sure to get off at the first one (Zhichunlu)! Also, Line 10 can be a bit crowded.

  • Leave the Zhichunlu station by Exit F2 (see map below). The hotel is in a very convenient location, about a three minute walk from the station. The street goes underneath a train/subway bridge. Walk East, *away* from that bridge


On Foot

  • Turn right on Zhichun Rd. (知春路) when going out of the hotel and walk straight for five minutes.
  • At the underpass, climb the stairs to the entrance of the subway station ZHICHUNLU (Exit A), turn left and walk straight for about two minutes.
  • Then turn right on West Wudaokou (西五道口), following the northbound elevated subway.
  • Walk for about ten minutes, towards the direction of LiaoNing International Hotel (辽宁大厦 ) or the National Microgravity Laboratory Tower, finding NSSC (国家空间科学中心) on the left.
  • The way is highlighted in blue in the map below.

By Bus

  • Take bus No. 641 at Zhichun Rd. (知春路) and get off at South Baofusi Bridge (保福寺桥南) after 3 stops.
  • The ticket costs 1 RMB and can be purchased on the bus.
  • The way from Baofusi Bus stop to ISSI-BJ/NSSC is highlighted in red on the map.

By Taxi

  • Please print out these directions in Chinese and give it to your driver:

目的地: 北京市海淀区中关村南二条一号 (NO.1 Nanertiao, Zhongguancun, Haidian district, Beijing,China Postcode: 100190)
空间中心行车路线标准说明 (travel way to NSSC): 如果您从丽亭华苑酒店出发,请沿知春路朝西方向行驶,到中关村东路口往北,至北四环路保福寺桥的东南角,再沿北四环辅路,按“国家空间科学中心”路牌指示,途经“辽宁大厦”,共行驶约850米,从空间中心东门进入工作园区。
联系人: 恩丽娟 手机:13911397464 (Any problem please contact Ms. En Lijuan: +8613911397464)

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