Space Science Bazaar
 Space Science Bazaar with Young Scientists 

The Space Science Bazaar of ISSI-BJ is a webinar series started in 2021 that aims to invite young scientists from the ISSI-BJ International Teams Program to present the development and achievement of their research projects.
The seminars are either in English or Chinese. Participation is free. Please sign up to the ISSI-BJ Newsletter to receive our updates and the invitation to the seminars. 

Watch the seminars live here
14 Oct.2021
4 pm (GMT+8)
YAO Zhonghua – Understand Planetary Spaces Remotely (IT led by YAO Zhonghua) Watch
18 Nov. 2021
10 am (GMT+8) 

ZHAO Lulu - Using Energetic Electron And Ion Observations To Investigate Solar Wind Structures And Infer Solar Wind Magnetic Field Configurations  Watch

2 Dec. 2021
4 pm (GMT+8)

JIN Chichuan and Riccardo Middei –  Active Galaxies in Crisis: A Statistical Study of Ultra-Violet Variability  Watch

27 Jan. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8)

Sebastiano Lauro – Searching for Subglacial Water on Mars with Orbiting Ground Penetrating Radars Watch

17 Feb. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8)

Yang Yanyan - CSES High Precision Magnetometer and Some Potential Scientific Applications  Watch

3 Mar. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8)

Iiro Virtanen - Modelling Space Weather and Total Solar Irradiance over the Past Century Watch

7 Apr. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8) 
LU San - Onset of magnetotail reconnection from an electron-only phase Watch
31 Aug. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8) 
Ying Beili - Study of coronal mass ejections with ultraviolet and white-light coronagraphs Watch 
7 Sept. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8) 
Andrea Francesco Battaglia - Hard X-ray Solar Flare Observations by Solar Orbiter/STIX: Overview and New Science Opportunities Watch 
29 Sept. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8) 
William Dunn - X-raying Uranus and Jupiter  Watch 
12 Oct. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8)
Roberto Susino - Investigations of the solar corona with the Solar Orbiter/Metis coronagraph Watch 
21 Dec. 2022
4 pm (GMT+8)
ZHOU Yudi - Lidar in the study of marine systems   Watch 

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