Watch:Feb.17: Dr. Yang Yanyan: CSES High Precision Magnetometer and Some Potential Scientific Applications

 Speaker:  Yanyan YANG

Feb. 17  2022

4 pm GMT+8

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Geomagnetic field is an essential parameter in Earth’s study. It also has broad applications in our daily life, such as natural resources exploration, navigation and so on. LEO space magnetometry is becoming a dominate way in modern magnetic field measurement, such as Swarm, CSES mission. CSES High Precision Magnetometer (HPM) includes two fluxgate magnetometers (FGM) and one Coupled Dark State Magnetometer (CDSM), which can provide magnetic field vector and intensity measurement from DC~15Hz. Now, the HPM payload is in good health and is operated continuously to provide data for scientific communities. 

In this space science bazaar, I will first give an introduction of CSES HPM, including the data calibration and validation, flags for potential magnetic field disturbances from the satellite and its payload. Finally, some possible scientific applications of the data on global geomagnetic field modelling, lithosphere observations, Dst index estimation and ionosphere current studies such as FACs and EEJ (CEJ) are outlined. 


About the Speaker

Dr. Yanyan Yang is an associate professor at National Institute of Natural Hazards, Ministry of Emergency Management of China. She is the Co-PI of CSES HPM and responsible for the routine data processing and quality control. She is also the magnetometer team coordinator of CSES/Swarm expert groups. 
She has been working on CSES magnetic field data calibration and multi-ways validation since 2015. Her main interest includes the global geomagnetic field modeling and geomagnetic variations. Using magnetic field data from HPM, she developed a global geomagnetic field model: the CSES Global Geomagnetic Field Model (CGGM). In 2019, this model was selected in the calculation if IGRF-13. 

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