Values and Conduct
1. Context
ISSI–BJ aspires to develop into the prime networking venue for space scientists in East Asia, while driving scientific innovation and supporting scientific excellence by offering a scientifically independent and politically neutral platform for multilateral, multi-disciplinary discourse in a stimulating environment. The ISSI–BJ remit includes a clear focus on scientific data exploitation of space science missions and the preparation for future international space science missions.

2. Shared Values
Our code of conduct is derived from the values shared between ISSI Bern and ISSI–BJ, and with our programme participants. The code aims to promote these values, including:

Inclusion: Innovative, creative and robust science and deep knowledge integration is achieved through collaborations where all voices are valued and included. Our culture of inclusion extends beyond our scientific communities, encompassing social responsibility and dialogue as a fundamental part of our commitment to a diverse and equitable society.

Diversity: As our interdisciplinary activities join together different perspectives, new methodologies and a wide range of experiences, we can more effectively accomplish transformational breakthroughs aligned with our scientific objectives. Science knows no geographical or political boundaries, nor boundaries related to age, race, citizenship, gender identity, disability, religious or sexual orientation.

Honesty and scientific integrity: Appreciation of the limits of what can be derived from our current physical understanding, data and methodologies improves our scientific understanding and how our science impacts our lives. Acknowledging the contributions of others is an essential aspect of the scientific process.

Self-reflection and accountability: We acknowledge that we are all subject to our own biases and that we are human and imperfect. Given this understanding, we acknowledge that self-reflection and awareness of our own biases and holding ourselves accountable can help us become better mentors,collaborators and, ultimately, better scientists.

An environment of trust: To facilitate a free exchange of new and innovative ideas, there needs to be an environment and culture of trust. While we feel that our shared values and guidelines should cultivate this environment, it is essential to state that trust within the team is highly valued so as to ensure a healthy and safe collaborative ecosystem.

Performance to a high standard: In fulfilling its mission and adhering to its values, ISSI–BJ aims to attain the highest possible degree of
  •  Scientific excellence;
  •  Independent and impartial action;
  •  Reliable partnership, responsibility and fairness;
  •  Equal opportunities and inclusiveness;
  •  Rules of good scientific practice and conduct.

3. Code of Conduct
All collaborations at ISSI–BJ must strive to achieve a professional, positive and inclusive experience for everyone, even in a virtual environment, in written or spoken form. We expect that ISSI–BJ meeting attendees abide by the following principles:

  • We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all colleagues and international participants.
  • We expect everyone to treat one another with respect, dignity and courtesy.
  • We expect that people will refrain from demeaning and/or discriminatory behaviour and/or speech.
  • Everyone should be mindful of their surroundings and remember that this is a workplace where professional interactions are expected and should be the norm.
  • Unacceptable behaviour includes intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning conduct.
  • Keep in mind that when communicating virtually, many clues we typically derive from nuances of emotion, tone and body language are lost. This makes it all the more important to consider the content and tone of contact and communication, so as to avoid misinterpretation or miscommunication.
  • Respect requests about (not) copying and use of materials and ideas, including knowing when you may need to obtain permission regarding copying materials.
  • If there is an issue that arises or you become aware of, please contact (in confidence) Ms. Lijuan En (assistant to the ISSI–BJ Executive Director, and/or Prof. Richard de Grijs (ISSI–BJ Executive Director, Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable contacting other trusted individuals within your collaboration.

The ISSI–BJ staff commits to upholding this Code of Conduct and to being held accountable. ISSI–BJ staff members will work together to identify problems and adjust policy and practice when meeting these guidelines may be problematic.

In addition to abiding by this ISSI–BJ Code of Conduct, we expect participants in any and all of our ISSI–BJ programmes to abide by the Codes of Conduct adopted by their professional communities. A non-exhaustive set of examples includes:
1. International Astronomical Union; code of conduct
2. European Geosciences Union; code of conduct
3. American Geophysical Union; meetings code of conduct
4. American Astronomical Society; code of ethics

This code of conduct was derived from the ISSI Bern code of conduct. ISSI–BJ is bound by the legal framework established by the People’s Republic of China.
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