Using Energetic Electron to Examine Solar Wind Magnetic Field with Dr. ZHAO Lulu | Space Science Bazaar

Speaker: ZHAO Lulu

 18 November 2021 

10 am GMT+8

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Solar electron events are common phenomenon observed in interplanetary space. Electrons from <1 keV to >300 keV are often observed in these events with an occurrence rate near the earth of ~190 events per year during solar maximum and ~10 per year during solar minimum. A majority of these events is related to small flares, and they have no fast coronal mass ejections (CMEs) associated with them. Thus, the underlying acceleration process is confined both spatially and temporally. Once they are accelerated and escape from the Sun, high energy electrons and ions propagate along the interplanetary magnetic field and scatter off various plasma waves. Observational characteristics (time intensity profiles and spectra) of these electrons and ions provide a probe of the configuration and turbulence level of the interplanetary magnetic field.

In this presentation, we aim to reveal the interplanetary magnetic field configuration in solar electron events using both observation and numerical simulations. We will perform numerical simulations to model the propagation of energetic electrons in the interplanetary space and quantify the observational results.

About Prof. ZHAO Lulu

Dr. Zhao is now an assistant research scientist in the University of Michigan. She received her bachelor degree in space science from Peking University and received her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. After that she worked as a research professional in Florida Institute of Technology. Her research focus on the modeling and observation of the solar energetic particles.

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