Watch: Mar.15 Prof. Wen CHEN: Introduction of IAMC and Science Missions

Speaker: Prof. Wen CHEN
Mar.15, 2023
4 pm GMT+8
Watch it on bilibili

Space science focuses on spacecraft based research in physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and other sciences related to natural rules of solar-terrestrial space, interplanetary space, and even the whole universe. At January 11th 2011, the Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), the greatest plan of scientific-exploration satellites plan, was officially kicked off.

Since then IAMC has successfully launched 6 scientific satellites into the operational orbits, applied to dark matter explorer, quantum space experiment, microgravity science experiment, solar observation and so on, not only achieving great scientific discovery findings but also driving the development in relevant fields. There are also many interesting scientific satellite missions in development or in study. In this talk, Prof. CHEN will introduce scientific missions including those flying in-orbit, in development, and the future plan. 

About the Speaker

Prof. CHEN Wen, got her Ph.D. from University of Surrey UK in 2007, is the Deputy Director of Institute of Scientific Satellites in Innovation Academy for Microsatellites, CAS. She has been working on the scientific satellites for about 15 years, involved in the China-France cooperation Astronomy mission SVOM, CAS-ESA cooperation Heliophysics mission SMILE, China-Europe cooperation mission eXTP X-ray Observatory, exoplanet mission Earth 2.0 satellite, X-ray microsatellite constellation mission CATCH, cubesat mission STU-2, CO2 monitoring mission TanSat, and so on.


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