Feb.22 Prof. Makiko Ohtake: Objectives and current status of Smart Lander for Investigating Moon

Speaker: Prof. Makiko Ohtake
Feb.22, 2023
4 pm GMT+8
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Zoom meeting room: 899 7958 8909

Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) is JAXA’s first lunar-landing mission for technology demonstration of pinpoint landing with small lander, which will be launched this year. Landing accuracy of this spacecraft is ±100 m in diameter. By using this technology, we can land on a small but important geologic unit on the lunar surface to investigate. One of a small fresh crater just outside of the Theophilus crater is selected as a landing site for SLIM to investigate one of an unexplored olivine dominant lithology. This lithology was fund based on the observation by the lunar orbiter Kaguya and we are expecting to know chemical composition of the lunar interior. The lander carries one small instrument (high-resolution Multiband Camera) to derive the detailed mineralogy of the olivine-rich exposure. Though SLIM is a small mission, its technology and scientific results are going to be a major contribution for future planetary exploration and planetary science. In the presentation, I am going to introduce objectives and status of SLIM mission.

About the Speaker

Makiko Ohtake worked for Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA) for long and recently moved to The University of Aizu since 2020. At JAXA, she developed the Multiband Imager as principal investigator for the lunar orbiter mission Kaguya and have been studied the lunar surface geology. Currently, she is taking a role as payload manager for the JAXA’s first lunar-landing mission, Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM).


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