Watch: Mar.24 Prof. Ran Li: Exploring the Dark Matter Universe with CSST

On Things to Come Webinar 

Speaker: Ran Li

(China Earthquake Administration) 

Mar.1 , 2022

4 pm GMT+8

Watch it on Bilibili

About the webinar


CSST is a 2m space-based telescope, designed to work in Low Earth Orbit for 10 years from ~2024. It will image 17,500 square degrees in six near-UV and optical bands (u,g,r,i,z,y) to an average depth of 25.5 AB (5-sigma point source) and a combined depth of 26 AB (5-sigma point source), with the angular resolution R80 = 0.15", providing a unique and promising platform to study the structure of the dark matter universe and to probe the nature of dark matter. In this webinar, I will review the research of dark matter universe at the era of CSST.


About Prof. Ran  Li

Ran Li is a research professor at National Astronomical Observatories of China, and a guest lecturer at University of Chinese Academy of Science. His research focuses on gravitational lensing, galaxy dynamics, and the evolution of dark matter universe. Currently, he is also the system scientist for the Science Data Reduction System of China Space Station Telescope.


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