Watch: The Latest Progress of CSES Mission with Prof. SHEN Xuhui| On Things to Come

On 17 December 2021, Prof. SHEN Xuhui gave an online seminar on The Latest Progress of CSES Mission. The lecture was organized in the context of the ISSI-BJ "On Things to Come" series that addresses ongoing as well as future space missions by inviting renowned scientists from different countries, institutes, and space agencies. 
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The China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) is the first platform of China Geophysical fields observation satellite mission (Zhangheng mission) , with the main objectives to monitor the global geomagnetic field, ionosphere background environment and possible abnormal signals with strong natural disasters. 

CSES operates in a Sun‐synchronous polar orbit with a high inclination degree of 97.4° at an altitude around 507 km, measuring the electromagnetic field, energetic particles and ionosphere plasma parameters. The first-hand scientific observations show that CSES has recorded a number of interesting natural events, showing its good inflight observing capability on natural phenomenon. 

In this presentation, we mainly introduce the operation status of satellite platform, payloads; as well as the first-hand scientific results obtained from CSES including the geomagnetic field modeling, the electromagnetic waves, the geomagnetic event and earthquake activities et c. The follow-up plans for the Zhangheng mission will be briefly presented.

About Prof. SHEN Xuhui

Dr. Xuhui SHEN, Professor and Deputy Director of the National Institute of Natural Hazards of MEMC and Head Scientist of China CSES Satellite mission with the main research fields on Space Geophysics and Remote Sensing Application on Natural Disasters. He got his Ph.D. Degree in Geology, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration ,1991-1996 and research professor position in 2001. He is one of the membership of EMSEV-IUGG and APSCO, and co-chair of CSES-SWARM working group between CNSA-ESA and CSES-LIMADOU cooperation between CNSA-ASI.

Currently Prof. Xuhui Shen lead the following Research Projects of: 1) China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite mission (2013-2018), 2) 2nd China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite mission (2018-2021),3) High-resolution RS Application on Earthquake Monitoring and Emergency Response (2011-2020) and 4) Space-based Geophysical Data Processing and Earthquake Research Application (2018-2021). He has totally more than 160 papers.

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