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 On Things to Come Webinar

ESA HERA Mission

Speaker: Michael Kueppers (European Space Agency, ESA, Villanueva de la Canada, Spain)
Wednesday, 21 July 2021 
4 pm GMT+8

BEIJING — On 21 July 2021, Michael Kueppers (ESA, Spain) gave an online seminar on the HERA Mission for planetary defense of the European Space Agency. Prof. Kuepper's lecture was organized in the context of the ISSI-BJ "On Things to Come" series that addresses ongoing as well as future space missions by inviting renowned scientists from different countries, institutes, and space agencies.

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In the last decades it has been realized that Asteroid impact is a natural disaster threat. The goal of planetary defence is to ensure that  humankind is able to prevent the collision of an asteroid with Earth. NASA's DART mission and ESA's Hera mission together will be the first full asteroid deflection test. In 2022, DART will impact Dimorphos, the moon of asteroid Didymos, and change its orbital period. As the Didymos system is an eclipsing binary, groundbased observations will determine the orbit change. Then Hera will come in:  To be launched in 2024, it will reach Didymos end of 2026 and stay at the asteroid pair for 6 months. With a detailed investigation of the Dimorphos system it will allow to understand the DART impact in detail and to scale the outcome of the impact to another asteroid, should the need for asteroid deflection arise. In addition to a planetary defence mission, Hera is the first rendezvous with a binary asteroid, and as such expected to have substantial scientific value by improving our understanding on asteroid formation and evolution. Hera will also demonstrate new technology, the most notable being two cubesats that are going to be released by Hera while at Didymos, and those briefcase-sized spacecraft will perform independent investigations of the Didymos system. We will present the Hera mission and its context in planetary defence, as well as its expected contributions to science and technology development.





About Michael Kueppers
Michael Küppers is the project scientist of the ESA missions Hera and Comet Interceptor. He obtained his PhD in 1996 (Univ. of G?ttingen, MPI for Solar System Research [MPS]) with a topic on Jupiter's moon Io and its plasma environment. After postdoc positions at Univ. of Colorado (Boulder) and Univ. of Bern, working on Io, comets, and asteroids, he joined the camera team on Rosetta at MPS, and continued working on the Rosetta mission when joining ESA in 2007. His current research interests include the physics of comets and asteroids and the implications for the formation and evolution of minor bodies in the solar system. At ESA, he became interested in Planetary defence activities and has been working on Hera and its predecessors since 2012. 


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