Team Leader: Francesca Zuccarello, University of Catania, Italy

Aims: In particular, we aim to (A1) investigate pre-flare/CME dynamics and relevant physical processes in the lower, 3D solar atmosphere by constructing and studying the AR magnetic fields above the photosphere, and (A2) track AR evolution by applying various forecast methods to the 3D, lower solar atmosphere in order to (A3) deliver an improved, more accurate and reliable forecast tool, suitable for future use in operational services. As part of our envisioned outreach programme we also aim to (A4) promote our research to both the SW research community and to operational end-users and policy makers. Objectives: Our aims will be realized by the following objectives: (O1) identifying fast and reliable magnetic field extrapolation techniques from the existing pool; (O2) creating a proof-of-concept data catalogue of 3D AR magnetic field maps; (O3) employing the latest AR metadata suitable for SW forecasting, extracted by ground- and space-based magnetograms; (O4) exploring machine (and, possibly, deep) learning (ML) for the modelling of solar flare/CME forecasts employing 3D magnetograms of ARs; (O5) disseminating the project results through a concise but functional and informative progress webpage. 
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