Eruptions of solar filaments are associated with flares and coronal mass ejections but are often considered as playing a secondary role in the whole process. The objective of the Team is to focus on evaluating the associated mass and energy transport from the lower solar corona to the orbit of the Earth and beyond with the partially ionized and warm plasma, which is an important issue in Space Weather. The Team will investigate the whole chain of filament eruptions starting from their initiation to their impact on the Earth through evolution and transport, with the aim to determine the mechanisms at work. It will gather complementary expertises in magnetohydrodynamics, plasma diagnostic, radiative transfer... It will rely upon past and present observations from the ground (e.g., ONSET, NVST) and from Space (SDO, IRIS, Proba2) and will help the science preparation of future missions such as the Chinese ASO-S and Hα Telescope and Indian Aditya L1 missions. 
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