Performing High-Quality Science in Microgravity on Space Stations



On 28 May 2018, the United Nations and China jointly release the United Nations/China Cooperation on the Utilization of the China Space Station First Announcement of Opportunity. The cooperation provides scientists from around the world with the opportunity to conduct their own experiments aboard to the China Space Station. They received more than 40 applications from 27 countries, and a few related to Space Sciences, such as:

  • Forecasting Solar Energy Particle Events
  • Spectroscopic Investigation of Nebular Gas
  • POLAR-2: Gamma-Ray Burst Polarimetry

This forum will bring together a set of international scientists with interests in the application of space stations space experiments relevant disciplines with a selection of experienced system developers to discuss existing, planned and possible future experiments on e.g., CSS or ISS. With participants from several countries, including China, Europe, Russia, Japanese, USA, and India, the Forum will identify the key characteristics for suitable experiments on space stations, it will undertake an outline examination of the feasibility of a range of “mission” concepts, and it will characterize barriers that limit the scientific impact of these measurement platforms.


While technical and engineering topics are outside the scope of ISSI-BJ activities, the Forum tool appears ideally suited to enabling a broad discussion of this topic. The discussion during the two-day Forum will focus on the following main topics: 

  • Identify suitable Space Stations payloads in a variety of fields and discuss their feasibility and/or science results that have already been achieved
  • Identify barriers-both technical and otherwise-that limit the science impact of the Space Station platforms
  • Characterize limitations of the Space Stations as a platform of science investigations

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