Roads towards Sample Return from Comets and Asteroids

Hayabusa spacecraft, JAXA


Context and Objectives

The populations of Small Bodies, in particular comets and asteroids, are the last witnesses of the origin and early evolution of the Solar System and of the formation scenarios of its planets. Collecting samples from these objects to analyse them using the powerful analytic tools available in our Earth-based laboratories is one of the most promising ways of reading the early History of our Solar System to learn about our own origins. This is the reason why several space agencies have programmed sample return missions from these bodies, in addition to remote sensing and in situ analysis missions.
At a time when China considers flying a full-scale sample return mission as a component of its 14th five-year plan for priority space science missions, this ISSI-Beijing FORUM will discuss in an international context the science drivers and key sample collection objectives of such missions and will explore the possible mission scenarios with the objective of identifying the most promising ones.

Date: 17-18 January 2018


Antonella Barucci Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France
John Brucato Arcetri Observatory, Florence, Italy
Humberto Campins University of Central Florida, USA
Ian FRANCHI Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Huang Jiangchuan CAST, Beijing, China
Jeremie Lasue IRAP, Toulouse, France
Lin Yangting IGG, CAS, Beijing, China
Holger Sierks MPS, Goettingen, Germany
Shogo Tachibana Department of Natural History Sciences, Hokkaido University, Japan
Michael Zolensky NASA, Johnson Space Center, USA
Wu Ji NSSC/CAS, Beijing, China
Michel Blanc ISSI-BJ, Beijing, China 

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