Exploring Solar Eruptions and their Origins



Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are the two most intense eruptive phenomena on the Sun. The energies of these eruptions are believed to originally come from the solar magnetic field. Therefore, the simultaneous observations of the solar magnetic field, solar flares, and CMEs, are of particular importance in study of their relationships one other. Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S) is specially proposed to serve these goals. Theforum will overview the research progress on the relationships among magnetic field, flares and CMEs, and relevant results acquired by the current missions. Then with the outlook of relevant observations by future missions, special attention will be given to the ASO-S, its key science goals and mission definition, as well as some of the key technological issues.  

  • flares & CMEs; flares & magnetic field; CMEs & magnetic field
  • introduction of ASO-S
  • achievements from RHESSI, Hinide, SDO, etc
  • future missions: solar orbiter, solar probe+, Interhelioprobe, solar-C
  • ASO-S instrumentation
  • intensive discussions on ASO-S

Date: 30-31 October 2014


Gan Weiqun PMO, CAS, China
Sam Krucker FHNW, Switzerland / UC Berkeley, USA
Wang Haimin NJIT, USA
Yan Yihua NAOC, CAS, China
Maurizio Falanga ISSI-BJ, China

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