Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere



The Chinese Academy of Sciences is developing a future space mission to investigate the coupling of the magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere (MIT). The oxygen outflow from the ionosphere into the magnetosphere is considered to be a key question to the MIT coupling. One reason is that the ion outflow plays a very important role in the magnetic storm, and a second reason is that the outflow affects the period of the saw tooth oscillation. However, more outstanding questions relating to the MIT coupling needs to be discussed at this Forum. Another purpose of the Forum is to discuss the particle detectors, vital to the success of the mission. We note, that it is the first time China is going to develop space particles analyzers.

The meeting will focus on key questions related to the coupling of magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere and techniques to develop space-borne particle detectors.


  • Origin of the outflow ions and their acceleration mechanism
  • Impact of the outflow ions on the magnetospheric dynamics
  • Ionosphere and thermosphere coupling
  • Key techniques for space-borne particle detectors
  • MIT International Cooperation

Date: 31 October-1 November 2013


Wang Chi NSSC, CAS, China
Andrew Yau University of Calgary, Canada
Berndt Klecker Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany
Liu Yong NSSC, CAS, China
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