Localized structures in the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere (M-I-T) system in space have major adverse impacts on radio communications and satellite operations. Although the existence of such structures has been known, efforts for understanding their quantitative properties and formation processes are severely limited. It is a scientific challenging issue because coupling processes across scales (multi-scale) have to be handled. We propose to quantify the role of multiscale processes in the M-I-T system and to advance community's understanding of how multi-scale structures form and evolve. 
We will determine occurrence conditions and properties of key quantities over multi-scales (energetic particles, flows, currents, plasma density, and neutral density, wind, and temperature) by taking advantage of the growing network of high-resolution observations. Multi-scale numerical simulations will take the observed properties and examine reproducibility and physical mechanisms of formation of meso/small-scale structures. This investigation is timely because of the growing availability of high-resolution observation in space and on the ground, growing capability of high-resolution numerical simulations, and the significant community interest as demonstrated in several recent conferences and workshops. We will form a team with a diverse and comprehensive set of expertise across our research domain throughout the M-I-T system, who otherwise will not have a chance to meet all in the same room for extensive discussion and effective collaboration. We propose two on-site (one in Bern and another in Beijing) group meetings and two teleconferences between group meetings, and the results will be disseminated through scientific journals and conferences. 
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