Space Resources Forum

1. Title of the forum:
 Space Resources Forum
2. Names and affiliation information of confirmed conveners:
- Angel Abbud-Madrid, Director, Space Resources Program, Professor of Mechanical Engi-neering, Colorado School of Mines, (Lead Convener)
- Chris Welch, Head, Space Payloads Laboratory and Director MSc in Space Studies, Pro-fessor of Astronautics and Space Engineering, International Space University,
- Meng Su, Deputy Director, Laboratory for Space Research, Associate Professor of Phys-ics, University of Hong Kong,
- Anhuai Lu, Professor, Earth and Space Science, Peking University,
- Kefei Zhang, Professor, Geospatial Science, China University of Mining and Technolo-gy/RMIT University,
- Yang Gao (Female), Associate Dean (International), Professor of Space Autonomous Systems, University of Surrey,
- Amara Graps (Female), Executive Director, Baltics in Space,
3. Forum objectives, scientific relevance, timeliness, multi- and inter-disciplinarity, added-value and role of ISSI-BJ: 
The purpose of the workshop is to share and exchange thoughts and progress between Chinese and international experts on space resources. 
The exploration and utilization of space resources is an interdisciplinary subject, including planetary science, astronomy, aerospace technology, mining technology, machine learn-ing, etc. The progress in this area is fast recently due to the commercial activities around the world. There were several international conferences in previous recent years focusing on space resources.
The Chinese aerospace community has not participated in the discussion of space re-sources with international professionals very much. On the other hand, the community has accumulated a lot of related technologies to explore space resources. 
The forum will have 4 sessions:
- Science and Technology
- Education and Jobs
- Market and Capital
- Laws and Policy
The participants include scientists, engineers, lawyers, investors, government officials, etc.
It will be great with ISSI’s organization to attract more professionals to join the workshop.
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