1001 Space Nights
 "1001 Space Nights" Online Seminar Series 

In order to present the research and scientific achievements of outstanding female Chinese scientists, ISSI-BJ has started a new series of online seminars called "1001 Space Nights" (天芳夜谭 in Chinese).

今年伊始,国际空间科学研究所-北京 (ISSI-BJ, International Space Science Institute)开启了一个全新的针对杰出女性科学家所从事的工作及成就的系列讲座---天芳夜谭。

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Watch the seminars live here


12 Dec. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
LIN Lin 林琳 Magnetars and Fast Radio Burst  Watch
21 Nov. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
Weiling Tseng 曾瑋玲 冰冻世界的地下海洋 Watch
17 Oct. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
Nami  SAKAI 坂井南美 Chemical History of Young Sun-like Stars:Why are we here? Watch
12 Sept. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
Zerenzhima 泽仁志玛 张衡一号卫星自然灾害监测应用情况  Watch
15 Aug. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
YU Yiqun 於益群 The Tight Coupling between the Terrestrial Ionosphere and Magnetosphere  Watch
11 Jul. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
CHAI Lihui 柴立晖 火星空间与火星水的丢失 Watch
13 Jun. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
Yoko KEBUKAWA 癸生川陽子 Organic Matter in Meteorites - Origins, Evolution, and Link to Emergence of Life Watch
9 May 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
FENG Li 封莉 莱曼阿尔法望远镜中的太阳长啥样 Watch
11 Apr. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
GUO Jingnan 郭静楠 Space Weather Challenges for Future Human Missions to Mars Watch
14 Mar. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
WANG Xiaobin 王晓彬 穿过流星雨,带你去看多姿多彩的小行星世界 Watch
28 Feb. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
Sugumi KANNO  菅野優美 Exploring the early universe with gravitons
10 Jan. 2022
8 pm (GMT+8)
CHEN Yanmei 陈燕梅 宇宙的诞生-星系的形成  Watch
6 Dec. 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
GUO Jingnan 郭静楠 人类探索火星所面临的空间环境危害 Watch
1 Nov. 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
ZHAO Yuyan 赵宇鴳 揭秘地球的孪生星-金星探测的进展与未来 Watch
18 Oct. 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
WANG Xuesong 王雪凇 探寻地球之外的星辰大海 Watch
13 Sept. 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
YU Yiqun 於益群 地球电离层与磁层之间的千丝万缕 Watch 
9 August 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
YUE Chao 地球磁层对太阳活动的相应 [Bilibili/YouTube]
12 July 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
LAI Hairong 赖海容 用行星际磁场搜寻近地小天体 [Bilibili/YouTube]
21 June 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
ZHAO Yuhui 赵玉晖 太阳系拾遗 夜空中灿烂的彗星
10 May 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
QIN Liping 秦礼萍 透过小天体看太阳系的形成和演化 [Bilibili/YouTube]
12 April 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
XU Yi 徐懿 探索太阳系天体的浅表层结构 [Bilibili/YouTube]
8 March 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
SHEN Fang 沈芳 太阳风暴与空间天气预报 [Bilibili/YouTube]
8 February 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
WANG Linghua 王玲华 从太阳爆发到地球磁暴 [Bilibili/YouTube]
11 January 2021
8 pm (GMT+8)
JIANG Jie 姜杰 “日中乌”本纪 关于太阳黑子的故事科学会 [Bilibili/YouTube]

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