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Seven New International Teams Selected in 2019

The Science Committee has selected seven excellent international teams in response to the 2019 Annual Call for Teams. The following teams are to carry out a research project in the premises of ISSI-BJ within the next two years:

 Research Field

Team Leader

 Proposal Title

Earth Science

Orsolini Yvan Joseph & He Shengping

Dynamical signatures of energetic particle precipitation in atmospheric re-analyses

Earth Science

Shen Xuhui & Zhang Xuemin

The electromagnetic data validation and scientific application research based on CSES satellite


Orosei Roberto

Searching for subglacial water on Mars with orbiting ground penetrating radars (ISSI-BJ & ISSI Team)

Solar Physics

Li Gang & Wang Linghua

Using energetic electron and ion observations to investigate solar wind structures and infer solar wind magnetic field configurations (ISSI-BJ & ISSI Team)

Solar Physics

Pevtsov Alexei

Modeling space weather and total solar irradiance over the past century (ISSI-BJ & ISSI Team)
 Planets  Yao Zhonghua & Shi Quanqi The morphology of aurora at Earth and giant planets: characteristics and their magnetospheric implications
 Astronomy  Ward Martin Active Galaxies in Crisis: a statistical study of ultra-violet variability (ISSI-BJ & ISSI Team)

The proposals were submitted following the Annual Call jointly issued by ISSI-BJ and the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in January 2019. The Science Committee of ISSI-BJ and ISSI evaluated, prioritized and recommended the most outstanding proposals to ISSI-BJ. The teams will cover different disciplines of Space Science.

The Teams are composed of about 8-15 scientists of different laboratories, nationalities and expertise. These small groups of scientists involved in Space Research can work together in an efficient and flexible format of several subsequent meetings, during which data are analyzed and compared with theories and models. Usually, they hold a series of two to three one-week meetings over a period of 12 to 18 months.

The aim of Teams is to carry out a research project leading to publications in scientific journals. The activity is directed and organized by a team leader who is also the initiator of the proposal to ISSI-BJ. Although in close contact with the scientific staff of the Institute, teams are largely autonomous in the execution of their project.


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