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Radio Interview "Les Ambitions Spatiales de la Chine" with Michel Blanc

Radio France Inter, 4 January 2017 (Online)

SSR on "From Disks to Planets: The Making of Planets and Their Early Atmospheres"

"Space Science Reviews" Volume 205, Issue 1-4, December 2016 (Online)

SSR on "Gamma Ray Bursts - A Tool to Explore the Young Universe"

"Space Science Reviews" Volume 202, Issue 1-4, December 2016 (Online)

Interview "From Bern to Beijing: Cultivating Collaboration for the Excellence of Space Science" with Maurizio Falanga

Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vol. 30 No. 3 2016

Chapter "China Rising" (16.6 Space VLBI)

The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, 2015 (Google Books)

Chapter "Opportunities and Limits for the Actors" (5.4.2 The example of China: more than a rising power)

Our Space Environment: Opportunities, Stakes, and Dangers, 2016 (Google Books)

Article "Who Said that China is not up to Space Science?"

Go Taikonauts! 龙腾太空, January 2016 (PDF)

Interview "合作与竞争同等重要" with Maurizio Falanga
Science News 科学新闻, September 2015 (PDF)

Article "我校举办第二届北航瑞士日"
Beihang University 新闻网, 8 July 2015 (PDF)

Article "国际空间科学合作:1+1可以大于2"
China Science Daily 中国科学报, 22 April 2015 (PDF)

Radio Feature "Zusammenarbeit statt Konkurrenz: Internationale Weltraumforschung in Beijing" 

CRI - China Radio International, 15 November 2014>> 

Interview "Tous ensemble pour la recherche spatiale!" with Maurizio Falanga 
La Chine au présent, 29 September 2014>>

Article "系外行星探测的中国机遇"
China Science Daily 中国科学报, 11 September 2014 (PDF)

Interview "携手共探宇宙奥秘" with Maurizio Falanga
China Science Daily 中国科学报, 9 September 2014 (PDF)

Article "中外学者探讨如何找到系外类地行星"
Science and Technology Daily 科技日报, 26 August 2014 (PDF)

Article "中科院部署系外类地行星探测计划搜寻近太阳系类地行星"
Guangming Daily 光明日报, 23 August 2014 (PDF)

Interview "La Internacia Instituto por Spac-scienco en Pekino" with Maurizio Falanga 
El Popola Ĉinio, 23 May 2014>>

Interview "Europeans want to hitch ride on China space rocket" with Maurizio Falanga
South China Morning Post, 01.12.2013

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